Christen West-Owner

Meet Christen West, Owner of WestWay&Co, LLC. Mother of 3. Two time business owner (Precious Pumpkins Daycare, LLC). Christen is a dedicated, hardworking entrepreneur who enjoys and has a true passion for teaching and working with children. With a legal, business and early childhood education background from Strayer University & Child Care Lounge, Christen, along with her business partner Vera, was inspired by her oldest daughter Hayden to start WestWay&Co. With her daughter's love for dance and constant movement, Christen wanted to make her daughter’s dream of dance come true. Christen is a true Gem! Qualified and always learning and developing new skills that apply well for business. A trustworthy and loveable professional. Christen is a God-fearing Christian, who keeps God in the center of her every move. Christen looks forward to working with your little one!

Vera Green-Owner

Vera Green is a hardworking family woman. She is a devoted wife and mother of four children. She has learned real life experience on how to overcome being a mother at a young age through assertiveness, risk-taking and problem-solving abilities.

This mindset has helped her to develop the love of helping others to take care of themselves. She believes the quote, " Self-care is giving the world the best of you, not what is left of you." With her daughters love for Modeling and constant movement, Vera wanted to make her daughters dream of cameras flashing and modeling be brought to life! Vera is a God-fearing Christian, who keeps God in the midst of everything. Vera looks forward to working with your little one!